Would you like to make Joint Commission Compliance easier for your hospice facility?

We’re looking for volunteers to review a new product designed to improve Joint Commission compliance for hospice facilities. This product will greatly simplify the documentation management requirements for hospice facilities seeking Joint Commission accreditation.

What participation in this focus group will look like:

  1. You’ll participate in a brief zoom call to review the product ideas and provide feedback
  2. During the zoom call we may discuss your challenges managing compliance activities for a Hospice facility
  3. After the zoom, select participants MAY receive a complimentary edition of our new Hospice Facility compliance product in exchange for additional feedback.

If you meet the following criteria, we’d love to talk with you:

  • Work in a hospice facility?
  • Is the facility audited by the Joint Commission?
  • Do you handle any aspect of Joint Commission compliance documentation? Across any of the EPs?
Hospice Facility Focus Group Signup

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