How To Order

We understand that each healthcare facility is unique. Your facility size and layout may mean that your Fire Safety binder needs to be a little thicker to hold all of the required documentation.

When you order a set, you pick the binder size you need and then your Compliance Binders are assembled by hand in our Nashville, TN production facility and shipped direct to you, in a box that is clearly labelled so it won’t get lost in a receiving dock.

1. Select Your Compliance Standard

Our sets are uniquely tailored to the specific life safety and environment of care requirements of multiple accreditation governing bodies. Select the body that oversees your accreditation survey.

Don’t see your body in the list? Contact us. We’ll discuss your needs and provide a quote for a custom set.

2. Choose Your Binder Sizes

Choose whether you’d like to order an EZ Compliance Pack with preset sizes to meet the needs of a facility your size (includes recommended additional tab sets and corresponding Wall Tracker Poster sets where applicable) or a Customizable set which allows you to choose the size of each volume binder.

Not sure what size you need? Refer to the chart below for paper capacity for each binder size.

3. Place Your Order/Create an Account

Once you customize your binder set, add it to your cart and proceed to order and payment. You’ll be prompted to create an account for tracking your order history as well as giving access for future orders.

We promise never to spam you or sell your information, but it’s important that we can reach you easily if there is a question about your order.

QUESTIONS? CALL 615.250.9145

If you have any questions or feel uncomfortable ordering online, just give us a quick call and talk to a live person. If we don’t answer, leave a voicemail and we’ll call you back ASAP.

Binder Size Capacity

2 inches
350 pages
3 inches
570 pages
4 inches
800 pages
5 inches
950 pages